Analytics & Reporting

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Your Brand Dashboard: 24/7 Access

At any moment, you have the ability to run reports from your media monitoring dashboard. Up-to-date data is available to you in a clear, readable format, whenever you need it.

  • View media mentions at-a-glance in custom graph format
  • Display custom date ranges to monitor the effects of your PR efforts
  • Export .CSV files of your reports and presentations
  • Compare visibility of different products, brands, and competitors over time


Daily Reports Right to Your Inbox

Get a concise, daily report sent directly to your email that pulls together all media mentions of your brand, products, and top competitors from the past 24 hours.

  • Unlimited subscribers; make sure your whole team is up to date
  • Start your day ahead of the curve
  • Share positive news about your brand with one click
  • Get a daily feel for marketplace attitudes and chatter about your brand and product


Analytics & Reporting

The most efficient, effective way to compile daily snapshots of your brand in the media.

  • Analytics – Tracking your online reputation is simple to track everything you – and your competitors – are doing and to adapt your strategies based on what you discover.
  • Reporting – Helps you quickly and effortlessly design customized report templates based on your criteria.

Know how your message is working and benchmark against competitors. Create a customized report with complete mind share and sentiment reporting, on demand.

Online Briefing Center

  • Access every mention about your product, brand or competitor
  • Sort by competitor and product
  • Create reports and chart to benchmark against the competition
  • Share resources and successes
  • Generate news and share information when you need it most