Portrait of attractive businesswoman sitting in modern buildingAt Dental Brand Monitor, we’re dedicated to our dental industry clients’ needs track and understand the ever-growing volume of online content to protect and grow their brands and business. Today, the rate of content generation, from publications, user generated content, social media, industry blogs and other sources is happening at lightening pace.  With Dental Brand Monitor you’ll have the confidence of tracking your brand, products and the competition.

Dental Brand Monitor is a powerful market listening and analysis tool that organizes mentions of your competitors, brand and products to allow you to gain insights into your company’s performance, measure market sentiments, and set strategy. We provide clients with reliable and powerful information on your brand, delivered daily and anytime, on-demand. Report options help you measure your coverage, reach and social buzz over time. Compare yourself against competitive brands to evaluate your progress. Our Press Pass makes it easy to reach the dental industry press with one click. You can also track and archive your press releases conveniently in one place.

Born from dental, for dental, our team of seasoned market professionals are completely focused on your dental brand. Let us be your eyes and ears so you can focus on advancing your brand and business.

Dental Brand Monitor is an indispensable decision support and market intelligence tool for the dental industry.

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